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Code Course Name Type Last modified on Pre-req
CS1100 Introduction to Programming Core Jul 2002
CS1111 Problem Solving Using Computers Core Mar 2018
CS1200 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Core Jul 2015
CS1300 Introduction to CS&E Core -
CS2100 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Core -
CS2110 Computer Programming Lab Core -
CS2200 Languages, Machines and Computation Core Jul 2015
CS2300 Foundations of Computer Systems Design Core Jul 2015
CS2300(O) Switching Theory and Digital Design Core -
CS2310 Foundations of Computer Systems Design Lab Core Jul 2015
CS2310(O) Digital Logic and Design Lab Core -
CS2400 Principles of Communication Core Aug 2000
CS2600 Computer Organization Core Aug 2000
CS2600 Computer Organization and Architecture Core Jul 2015
CS2610 Computer Organization and Architecture Lab Core Jul 2015
CS2610(O) Assembly Language Programming Lab Core -
CS2700 Programming and Data Structures Core Jul 2015
CS2710 Programming and Data Structures Lab Core Jul 2015
CS2800 Data Structures & Algorithms Core -
CS2800 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Core Jul 2015
CS2810 Object Oriented Algorithms Implementation and Analysis Lab Core Jul 2015
CS2810(O) Advanced Programming Lab Core Aug 2000
CS3100 Paradigms of Programming Core Jul 2015
CS3200 Computer Networks Core Aug 2000
CS3205 Introduction to Computer Networks Elective Nov 2017
CS3210 Computer Networks Lab Core Aug 2000
CS3300 Compiler Design Core Jul 2015
CS3310 Compiler Design Lab Core -
CS3400 Principles of Software Engineering Core Aug 2000
CS3410 Software Engineering Lab Core -
CS3410 Software Engineering Lab Core Aug 2000
CS3500 Operating Systems Core Jul 2015
CS3510 Operating Systems Lab Core -
CS3666 Industrial Training Core Jul 2015
CS3700 Introduction to Database Systems Elective -
CS4011 Principles of Machine Learning Elective Jul 2017
CS4100 Computer System Design Core -
CS4110 Computer System Design Lab Core -
CS4410 Topics in Algorithmic Combinatorics and Graph Theory Elective Jan 1992
CS4805 B.Tech Project Elective Oct 2006
CS4830 Big Data Laboratory Core Nov 2018
CS4880 Industrial Lecture Core Oct 2006
CS4900 Undergraduate Research in CS - I Elective Aug 2016
CS4910 Undergraduate Research in CS - II Elective Jan 2017
CS5011 Machine Learning Elective Aug 2008
CS5020 Non-linear Optimization : Theory and Algorithms Elective Mar 2018
CS5030 Automated Program Verification Elective Aug 2020
CS5130 Mathematical Tools for Theoretical Computer Science Elective Jul 2020
CS5210 Linear Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Elective Jan 2022
CS5666 Foundations of Blockchain Technology Elective Nov 2018
CS5691 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Elective Apr 2018
CS5700 B.Tech(DD) Project - I Core -
CS5705 B.Tech(DD) Project - I Core Jan 2017
CS5710 B.Tech (DD) Project - I Core Jul 2015
CS5715 Dual Degree Project Core May 2019
CS5800 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Core -
CS5806 B.Tech (DD) Seminar Core Jul 2015
CS5810 B.Tech(DD) Project - II Core Oct 2006
CS5810+ B.Tech(DD) Project - II Core Jul 2018
CS5815 Dual Degree Project - III Core Jan 2019
CS5820 Probability and Computing Elective Jul 2015
CS5970 M.Tech Seminar Core Jul 2016
CS5980 MTech Project - I Core Jul 2015
CS5988 M.Tech Project Phase - I Core Sep 2017
CS5990 M.Tech Project - II Core Jul 2015
CS5998 M.Tech Project II Core Jun 2017
CS6000 M.Tech Project - III Core Jul 2015
CS6008 M.Tech Project III Core Jul 2018
CS6011 Kernel Methods for Pattern Recognition Elective Oct 2005
CS6012 Social Network Analysis Elective Aug 2011
CS6013 Modern Compilers - Theory and Practice Elective Aug 2011
CS6014 Computability and Complexity Elective Aug 2011
CS6015 Linear Algebra and Random Processes Core Jul 2015
CS6021 Research Methodology (CSE Module) Core Oct 2006
CS6023 GPU Programming Elective Jan 2017
CS6024 Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Biology Elective Mar 2018
CS6025 Sublinear Algorithms Elective Aug 2018
CS6030 Logic and Combinatorics for Computer Science Core Jul 2015
CS6040 Router Architectures and Algorithms Elective Jul 2016
CS6045 Software Defined Networking Elective -
CS6046 Multi-armed bandits Elective Aug 2017
CS6100 Topics in Design and Analysis of Algorithms Elective -
CS6110 Computational Geometry Elective Jul 2012
CS6111 Foundations of Cryptography Elective Jan 2015
CS6115 Structure vs Hardness in Cryptography Elective Aug 2021
CS6120 Wireless Communication and Networks Elective Aug 2008
CS6130 Advanced Graph Algorithms Elective May 2018
CS6140 Advanced Programming Lab Elective -
CS6150 Advanced Programming Core Aug 2020
CS6170 Randomized Algorithms Elective Nov 2017
CS6190 Recent Developments in Theoretical Computer Science Elective Aug 2000
CS6210 Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems Elective Oct 2011
CS6225 Programs and Proofs Elective Jan 2020
CS6230 CAD for VLSI Elective Aug 2008
CS6235 Analysis of Parallel Programs Elective Sep 2020
CS6240 Structural Graph Theory Elective Jan 2021
CS6250 Memory Based Reasoning in AI Elective Oct 2008
CS6251 Computational Models of Cognition Elective Feb 2017
CS6300 Speech Technology Elective -
CS6310 Artificial Neural Networks Elective -
CS6330 Digital System Testing and Testable Design Elective -
CS6350 Computer Vision Elective Oct 2006
CS6360 Computer Graphics Elective Oct 2005
CS6370 Natural Language Processing Elective Jun 2009
CS6380 Artificial Intelligence Elective -
CS6410 Real Time Computation and Communication Elective Jul 2012
CS6440 Distributed Computing Elective -
CS6464 Concepts in Statistical Learning Theory Elective Sep 2016
CS6500 Network Security Elective Jan 2005
CS6515 Stochastic Optimization Elective Jan 2022
CS6530 Applied Cryptography Elective Oct 2016
CS6560 Parallel Computer Architecture Elective Jul 2010
CS6570 Secure Systems Engineering Elective Jan 2017
CS6600 Computer Architecture Elective -
CS6630 Secure Systems Microarchitecture Elective Jan 2020
CS6650 Smart Sensing for Internet of Things Elective Jan 2021
CS6666 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Elective Jun 2019
CS6680 Planning and Constraint Satisfaction Elective Oct 2007
CS6690 Pattern Recognition Elective Sep 2004
CS6700 Reinforcement learning Elective Aug 2007
CS6710 Advances in Visual Perception Elective Oct 2011
CS6720 Data Mining Elective Oct 2008
CS6730 Probabilistic Graphical Models Elective Jan 2008
CS6740 Searching and Indexing in Big Data Sets Elective Jul 2014
CS6741 Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science Elective Jul 2014
CS6741 Foundations of Data Science Elective -
CS6747 Advanced Wireless Networks Elective Jul 2014
CS6760 Digital Design Verification Elective Oct 2005
CS6770 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Elective Oct 2005
CS6777 Optimization Methods for Computer Vision Applications Elective Jul 2014
CS6790 Geometry and Photometry based Image Formation Elective Aug 2008
CS6840 Modern Complexity Theory Elective Jan 2012
CS6841 Advanced Algorithms Elective Jan 2012
CS6841 Approximation Algorithms Elective -
CS6842 Algorithmic Algebra Elective Jul 2013
CS6843 Program Analysis Elective Jan 2014
CS6844 Advanced Wireless Communications and Networks Elective Apr 2014
CS6845 Pseudorandomness Elective Jan 2012
CS6846 Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Complexity Elective Jun 2024
CS6847 Cloud Computing Elective -
CS6848 Principles of Programming Languages Elective Jan 2012
CS6850 Topics in Complexity Theory Elective Jul 2008
CS6851 Distributed Algorithms Elective Jan 2013
CS6852 Theory and Applications of Ontologies Elective Oct 2006
CS6854 Topics in Distributed Algorithms Elective Jan 2022
CS6868 Concurrent Programming Elective Jul 2013
CS6870 Digital Video Processing Elective -
CS6886 Systems Engineering for Deep Learning Elective Sep 2018
CS6910 Foundations of Deep Learning Elective Jan 2020
CS6999 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering - I Core Jul 2014
CS7011 Topics in Reinforcement Learning Elective Apr 2016
CS7012 Multilayer Network Models and Algorithms Elective Aug 2017
CS7015 Deep Learning Elective Oct 2016
CS7016 Topics in Deep Learning Elective Feb 2017
CS7020 Advances in Theory of Deep Learning Elective Jul 2019
CS7030 Recent Topics in Compilers Elective Jan 2014
CS7111 Topics in Cryptography Elective Oct 2016
CS7260 Post-Quantum Cryptography Elective Jan 2021
CS7370 Causal Inference Elective Jul 2019
CS7999 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering - II Core Jul 2014

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