CS3700 - Introduction to Database Systems

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Introduction - General introduction to database systems; Database - DBMS disctinction, approaches to building a database, data models, database management system, three-schema architecture of a database, challenges in building a DBMS, various components of a DBMS. E/R Model - Conceptual data modeling - motivation, entities, entity types, various types of attributes, relationships, relationship types, E/R diagram notation, examples. Relational Data Model - Concept of relations, schema-instance distinction, keys, referential integrity and foreign keys, relational algebra operators: selection, projection, cross product, various types of joins, division, example queries, tuple relation calculus, domain relational calculus, converting the database specification in E/R notation to the relational schema. SQL - Introduction, data definition in SQL, table, key and foreign key definitions, update behaviors. Querying in SQL - basic select-from-where block and its semantics, nested queries - correlated and uncorrelated, notion of aggregation, aggregation functions group by and having clauses, embedded SQL. Dependencies and Normal forms - Importance of a good schema design, problems encountered with bad schema designs, motivation for normal forms, dependency theory - functional dependencies, Armstrong's axioms for FD's, closure of a set of FD's, minimal covers, definitions of 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF, decompositions and desirable properties of them, algorithms for 3NF and BCNF normalization, multi-valued dependencies and 4NF, join dependencies and definition of 5NF. Data Storage and Indexes - file organizations, primary, secondary index structures, various index structures - hash-based, dynamic hashing techniques, multi-level indexes, B+ trees. Transaction processing and Error recovery - concepts of transaction processing, ACID properties, concurrency control, locking based protocols for CC, error recovery and logging, undo, redo, undo-redo logging and recovery methods.

Note : The course is an elective course from CS15B* batch onwards.



Credits Type Date of Introduction
3-0-0-3 Elective (Core Course)

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