CS5970 - M.Tech Seminar

Course Data :

  • CS5970 is a 2-credit course graded S through U (and W).
  • Seminar presentations will be held during Sep.-Nov. 2016. The seminars are mostly planned for Tue. afternoon (in Q slot) but this might be different for different students. The detailed schedule will be posted soon on Moodle.
  • If you need to change your scheduled slot for genuine reasons, you can swap with another student with the consent of your faculty advisor.
  • There are four groups of students, under their respective faculty advisor.
  • Each student MUST attend ALL the seminars in his/her group, unless there are parallel sessions of CS5970 seminars. 85% Minimum attendance rule will be applied; W will be granted for those who fail to attend adequate seminar sessions and the course will have to be repeated in subsequent year.
  • Each student is allotted EXACTLY 20 minutes for presentation; and ten minutes for Q&A. Marks will be given based on content, organization, clarity of delivery and ability to answer questions.
  • The seminar should be TECHNICAL in nature and related to Computer Science and Engineering. It need not be related to your M. Tech. project. Some suggestions are:
    • A detailed literature review of a specific research problem. This can include: background related to the problem, categorization of approaches, specific approaches, etc.
    • One selected journal/TOP-tier conference paper published by others (e.g. ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIG-COMM, ACM PODC, ACM TALG, ACM TOPLAS etc.)
    • A research problem with well-identified solution and partial results, based on your own work. The student MUST inform their respective faculty advisor of their selected paper/topic by Aug. 31, 2016.(by uploading the selected paper/topic on Moodle).
  • Two students will not be allowed to present on the same topic/paper.
  • ALL slides including diagrams should be prepared by you. Any cut-and-paste of content/diagrams will result in the U grade. The course will have to be repeated in subsequent offering.
  • Guidelines/Suggestions on how to prepare a good talk will be made available on Moodle.
  • Students attending each seminar may be asked to fill out an evaluation/comments sheet that will be handed over to the presenter.
  • The FINAL PDF of the presentation must be submitted to Moodle, 24 hrs before your allotted time. Failing to do so will result in a 25% reduction in the seminar grade.
  • Practice your talk at least thrice in front of your friends/lab members/other students.
  • In addition to presenting a paper and attending talks of your groupmates, each student is expected to attend at least 3 departmental seminars. Departmental seminars give you a chance to listen to eminent researchers visiting our department. Watch out oor seminar announcements (seminar@cse.iitm.ac.in) and plan to attend any 3 talks that are most interesting to you. Attendance at these seminars is mandatory and will be counted towards attendance for the course.




Credits Type Date of Introduction
2-0-0-0-0-2 Core Jul 2016

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