CS4100 - Computer System Design

Course Data :

(Not a core courses from 2015 batch onwards)
  • Basic principles of System Design: system components in simple system; Workstations, servers.
  • Building blocks for Computer Systems; CPU, Storage, I/O, Multimedia devices The hardware-software interface, Hardware features influenced by software requirements.
  • Specifications of the performance of a system.
  • How to effectively utilize the strength of a component to get improvement in performance?
  • Testing systems for performance.
  • Computing with distributed resources.
  • Basic principles of system integration, when building larger systems.
Text Books
  • Wayne Hendrix Wolf, "Computers as Components: Principles of Embedded Computer Systems Design", Academic Press 2001.
  • Vincent P. Heuring and Harry F. Jordan, "Computer Systems Design and Architecture", Pearson Education Asia, 2001.




Credits Type Date of Introduction
3-0-0-3 Core (Core Course)

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