CS6111 - Foundations of Cryptography

Course Data :


  • Build a solid mathematical basis to understand foundations of cryptography
  • Formally understand the notions related to security authentication and privacy.
  • Provide a rigorous treatment of the emerging and key subject subarea of CSE - security.

Course contents:

  • Basic functions of cryptology - encryption, signature and identification problems.
  • Mathematical basics - basics of computational number theory - elliptic curves - pairing functions.
  • Fundamental constructs -distinguishability - pseudo-random number generator - one way functions with trapdoor - some number theoretic candidates - RSA and discrete log variants.
  • security models for encryption schemes - CPA,CCA1,CCA2 security - secure hash functions - random oracle and standard models of proof techniques under various security models. RSA, El Gamal, Rabin, and Cremar-Shoup encryption schemes.
  • Digital signatures - provably secure signature schemes - signcryption - ID-based and certificateless cryptology.
  • Identification schemes - zero knowledge protocols - perfect, statistical, and computational zero knowledge - applications to commitment schemes.

Text Books:

  • Oded Goldreich, Foundations of Cryptography ( two volumes) Cambridge university Press, 2001, 2004. ( Indian print available).

Reference Book:

  • J.Katz, Y.Lindell, Introduction to Modern Cryptography, Chapman Hall, USA 2007.
  • Wen Bo Mao, Modern cryptography - Theory and practice, Prentice Hall, USA, 2003 ( Indian edition available)




Credits Type Date of Introduction
4-0-0-0-8-12 Elective Jan 2015

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