Electives from the other Depts which can be credited as Dept Electives

(DCC Approved as of Jan. 2017)
The following courses can be credited by the CSE Dept B.Tech/DD/M.Tech students, in place of their department electives subject to the following constraints:
  • Update (Aug 2018) : From CS2015 B.Tech/DD batch onwards, Non-CSE electives are NOT allowed in place of CSE electives. This will be allowed only for M. Tech. students, with approval of the Faculty Advisor.
  • B.Tech(DD) and M.Tech Students : For M.Tech students, only 5000 and higher level courses will be allowed. For B.Tech(DD) students, only 5000 and higher level courses will be allowed after completing their fourth year.
  • Consistency over years: Although the list of courses is approved by the DCC, the actual course contents is managed by the respective departments. It is the FAs who will approve/disapprove the course registration at the time of registration after inspecting the course syllabus for that semester.
  • Credit variations: All CSE department electives have 12 credits which is not necessarily the case for the above courses. If some of the following courses are credited, the total credit might be lower or higher than required. If the credits are lower, the remaining credits should be compensated by other courses within the same category.
Course No.Course Title
BT6270Computational Neuroscience
BT5420Computer Simulations of Biomolecular S
EE4140Digital Communication Systems
EE5120Applied Linear Algebra
EE5121Convex Optimization
EE5130Digital Signal Processing
EE5140Digital Modulation and Coding
EE5142Introduction to Information Theory and Coding
EE5154Complex Network Analytics
EE5162Information Theory
EE5170Speech Signal Processing
EE5175Image Signal Processing
EE5176Computational Photography
EE6132Machine Learning for Computer Vision
Course No.Course Title
MA5011Advanced Graph Theory
MA5014Applied Stochastic Processes
MA5015Number Theory
MA5440Combinatorics and Number Theory
MA5850Operations Research
MA5890Numerical Linear Algebra
MA6001Introduction to Coding Theory
MA6005Applied Linear Algebra
MA6190Mathematical Logic
MA6210Combinatorial Optimization
MA6312Mathematical theory of Games
MA6420Algebraic Theory of Codes and Automata
MA6470Commutative algebra
MA6480Galois theory
MS3540Game Theory

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