CS6600 - Computer Architecture

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Changelog : Syllabus updated from Jul 2018 offering.


  • Introduction: Defining Computer Architecture, Flynn’s Classification of Computers, Metrics for Performance Measurement.
  • Memory Hierarchy Introduction, Advanced Optimizations of Cache Performance, Memory Technology and Optimizations, Virtual Memory and Virtual Machines, The Design of Memory Hierarchy, Introduction to Pin Instrumentation and Cachegrind, Case Study: Memory Hierarchies in Intel Core i7 and ARM Cortex-A8.
  • Instruction Level Parallelism Instruction-level Parallelism: Concepts and Challenges, Basic Compiler Techniques for Exposing ILP, Reducing Branch Costs with Advanced Branch Prediction, Dynamic Scheduling, Advanced Techniques for Instruction Delivery and Speculation, Limitations of ILP, Multithreading: Exploiting Thread-Level Parallelism to Improve Uniprocessor Throughput, Modeling Branch Predictors using Pin Tool, Case Study: Dynamic Scheduling in Intel Core i7 and ARM Cortex-A8.
  • Thread Level Parallelism - Introduction, Shared-Memory Multicore Systems, Performance Metrics for Shared-Memory Multicore Systems, Cache Coherence Protocols, Synchronization, Memory Consistency, Multithreaded Programming using OpenMP, Case Study: Intel Skylake and IBM Power8.
  • Data Level Parallelism Introduction, Vector Architecture, SIMD Instruction Set Extensions for Multimedia, Graphics Processing Units, GPU Memory Hierarchy, Detecting and Enhancing Loop- Level Parallelism, CUDA Programming, Case Study: Nvidia Maxwell.

Text Book

  • J.L. Hennessy and D.A. Patterson. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach. 5th Edition, Morgan Kauffmann Publishers, 2012.


  • J.P. Shen and M.H. Lipasti. Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors. McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2005.
  • D.B. Kirk and W.W. Hwu. Programming Massively Parallel Processors. 2nd Edition, Morgan Kauffmann Publishers, 2012.
  • Pin – A Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Tool.
  • Cachegrind: A Cache and Branch-Prediction Profiler.
  • OpenMP.
  • CUDA.



Credits Type Date of Introduction
4 Elective (Core Course)

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