CS5806 - B.Tech (DD) Seminar

Course Data :

  • CS5806 is a 2-credit course graded S through U (and W). This means, you are expected to spend 6 hours in total towards this course.
  • Seminar presentations will be held during Sep.-Nov. 20XX. The seminars are mostly planned for Tue afternoon (in Q slot) but this might be different for different students. The detailed schedule will be posted soon on Moodle. If you need to change your scheduled slot for genuine reasons, you can swap with another student with the consent of your faculty advisor.
  • There will be 2 groups of students, under the students respective faculty advisors.
  • Each student MUST attend ALL the seminars in his/her group. 85% Minimum attendance rule will be applied; W-grade will be granted for those who fail to attend adequate seminar sessions and the course will have to be repeated in next offering.
  • Each student is allotted EXACTLY 40 minutes for presentation; which includes five minutes for Q&A. Marks will be given based on content, organization, clarity of delivery and ability to answer questions.
  • The seminar should be TECHNICAL in nature and related to Computer Science and Engineering. It need not be related to your Dual-Degree project. Please consult your guide for the selection of your seminar paper. Some suggestions are:
    • A detailed literature review of a specific research problem. This can include: background related to the problem, categorization of approaches, specific approaches, etc.
    • One selected journal/TOP-tier conference paper published by others (e.g. ACM STOC, IEEE FOCS, SIAM SODA, ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIGCOMM, ACM PODC, etc.)
    • A research problem with well-identified solution and partial results, based on your own work.
  • The student MUST inform their respective faculty advisor of their selected paper/topic by Aug. 20, 20XX (by uploading the selected paper/topic on Moodle). Two students will not be allowed to present on the same topic/paper.
  • ALL slides including diagrams should be prepared by you. Any cut-and-paste of content/diagrams (except the case of simulation graphs etc, which are unavoidable) will result in the U grade.
  • Guidelines/Suggestions on how to prepare a good talk will be made available on Moodle.
  • Students attending each seminar will be asked to fill out evaluation/comments sheet that will be handed over to the presenter.
  • The FINAL PDF of the presentation must be submitted to Moodle, 24 hrs before your allotted time. Failing to do so will result in a 25% reduction in the seminar grade.
  • All presentations for a given day must be uploaded in the laptop computer before 2pm.
  • Practice your talk at least twice in front of your friends/other students before giving the talk at the seminar.




Credits Type Date of Introduction
0-0-0-0-2-2 Core Jul 2015

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