CS6530 - Applied Cryptography

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  • Number Theory Basics: Modular arithmetic, primes, GCD and Chinese reminder theorems.
  • Block Ciphers: DES, AES; ECB, CBC, OFB,CFB, CTR and GCM modes, Double and triple encryptions.
  • Stream Ciphers: Encryption and decryption with Stream ciphers, Shift-register based stream ciphers, Currently used Stream Ciphers.
  • Public Key Cryptography: RSA, ElGamal, Diffe-Hellman Key exchange, practical digital signatures. ECC
  • Hash Functions: oneway, collision resistant, preimage resistant HASH functions, Real-world examples.
  • Message Authentication Codes: MAC from Hash functions, MAC from block ciphers.
  • Side Channel Analysis: Power / timing analysis of crypto-implementations
  • Applications : Key Establishment Protocols, Blockchains, etc.



Credits Type Date of Introduction
4-0-0-0-8-12 Elective Oct 2016

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