Industrial Training : Requirements

(this needs to be updated as per the latest guidelines)

For the internship done in an company in India during the summer of 20XX, the following documents must be submitted by Sep., 20XX:
  • Offer letter from the company before the internship was accepted.
  • Please inform the company and your mentor/supervisor about assessment requirement BEFORE starting the internship.
  • A Sealed Confidential Letter/document from the company supervisor(s), on Company Letterhead, verifying that the internship was successfully completed - dates included; and the specific tasks/duties completed by the student. The supervisor should also rate the student's work on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is highest). The letter should be DIRECTLY sent from the company to:
    Prof. XYZ Dept. of CSE, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600 036 Email:
  • A detailed technical report (length: at least 5 pages, single-column, single-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides) explaining the technical specifics of the tasks done; language/tools/environment of development/ to what extent the work involved the use of computer science skills (e.g. data structures, algorithms, other concepts); what the student learned from the internship; and a rationale as to why this internship should be accepted as the equivalent of a third-year level internship.
  • Get the company's approval of the report to ensure that any company confidential information is not included in the report.
  • Hastily/poorly written documents that have grammar/spelling mistakes and those without much technical content will NOT be considered.
  • The grade (only pass or fail grade) assigned will be based on the relevance of the internship to CSE, the supervisor's evaluation and the student's report quality.

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