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This is a part of the RISE group.
Research AreasMemory System Design, Cache Design in Multicore, Hardware Parallelization.
MembersFaculty : V. Kamakoti, Chester Rebeiro, K. C. Sivaramakrishnan.

Students/Scholars :
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Recent Publications
  • Retrofitting effect handlers onto OCaml.  
           K. C. Sivaramakrishnan , Stephen Dolan , Leo White , Tom Kelly , Sadiq Jaffer , Anil Madhavapeddy
          Appeared in PLDI '21: 42nd ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Virtual Event, Canada, June 20-25, 20211., pp.206-221, Jun 2021
  • ConFuzz: Coverage-Guided Property Fuzzing for Event-Driven Programs.  
           Sumit Padhiyar , K. C. Sivaramakrishnan
          Appeared in Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages - 23rd International Symposium, PADL 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 18-19, 2021, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 12548, pp.127-144, Jan 2021
  • Banyan: Coordination-Free Distributed Transactions over Mergeable Types.  
           Shashank Shekhar Dubey , K. C. Sivaramakrishnan , Thomas Gazagnaire , Anil Madhavapeddy
          Appeared in Programming Languages and Systems - 18th Asian Symposium, APLAS 2020, Fukuoka, Japan, November 30 - December 2, 2020, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 12470, pp.231-250, Dec 2020
  • Version Control Is for Your Data Too.  
           Gowtham Kaki , K. C. Sivaramakrishnan , Suresh Jagannathan
          Appeared in 3rd Summit on Advances in Programming Languages, SNAPL 2019, May 16-17, 2019, Providence, RI, USA., LIPIcs, Vol 136, pp.8:1-8:18, May 2019

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